Plumbers in Norfolk say ‘Avoid Fixing It Yourself’

Many men engage in DIY for different reasons in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and Hampton Roads.  One of the most common reasons for men to engage in DIY work is the fact that it costs less than hiring a professional plumbing company.

However, an Independent Online article depicts a plumbing situation that easily went the wrong way. James Clarke writes:

“With DIY, the main thing is to recognize one’s limitations. This was a lesson brought home to me by the chap down the road, Alf.

Alf was a complete duffer when it came to mechanical things such as re-assembling a ballpoint pen.

One day he asked me to pop round and help him fit a valve in his hot water heater. Hot water was spouting from his roof. He could not afford a plumber. That’s why he asked me.

This was silly of him.

Our first mistake inside the roof was to drop the monkey wrench. The ceiling board was soggy from some spillage and, being soggy, the heavy wrench fell clean through it.

The wrench fell into the bathroom hand basin which his wife was wiping at the time.”

What happened to Clarke and Alf can also happen to anyone attempting DIY plumbing work. It is important, therefore, for the homeowner to know his limitations and call reliable plumbing repair experts like A-1 Plumbing, who serve Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg, Yorktown, Suffolk, Portsmouth, Tabb, Grafton, Smithfield, James City County, and throughout Hampton Roads

One good reason why DIY work is not advisable is the fact that a lot of people who do not know how to fix plumbing problems can actually make things worse. A Woman’s Day article points out that men do not have time to learn repair work due to their jobs.

Our plumbers in Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Chesapeake can effectively handle any problems that may come up without making things worse. These plumbing services also come with a guarantee on the safety and quality of work.

It is commendable to try and fix broken pipes yourself, but it is important for weekend warriors to know when to call it quits and call a professional plumber.

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