How do I Choose the Right Plumber

It’s always a smart idea to select a good plumber before an emergency occurs, but in the event that you have no time to sift through worthy candidates, here are some tips that can help you until you can contact a plumbing service company in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg, Yorktown, Suffolk, Portsmouth, Tabb, Grafton, Smithfield, James City County, and Hampton Roads.

As a homeowner, you know broken pipes, leaking toilets, or clogged drains can happen without any warning, so it’s better to be prepared. If the water is rising and you need help fast, follow the instructions we’ve included below.

  1. If you know of friends or family that have dealt with severe plumbing problems in the past, contact them immediately. They will most likely be willing to give you basic instructions to manage the problem until a plumbing company can be contacted.
  2. If you need an honest opinion on local plumbers, try calling a builder or contractor in the area. Contractors work with plumbers all the time, so they should know the track record of most plumbers in your area of residence.
  3. Call your real estate representative. You’d be surprised how many plumbers your real estate salesperson is familiar with. Their job is to keep you happy with their insurance company, so they’ll likely give you an honest recommendation.
  4. Refrain from leaving your name and phone number if you call a plumber and get an answering machine. Of course, there are a number of plumbers that can’t afford receptionist services, but it’s always better to be safe. You always want to ensure the plumber you’re contacting is legitimate and credible.
  5. Request the license number of each plumber you contact. If they are hesitant to give you this information, explain that it is required of you when filing an insurance claim.
  6. Always be aware of the charge for the job before a plumber begins work on your home. To be safe, always ask for a “worse case scenario”, especially when dealing with nonvisible areas of the home like closed walls and ceilings.
  7. If the plumber can’t offer a warranty or guarantee on any of the work, consider hiring someone else. A reputable plumber will always return to fix any issues unless your home is dated and requires constant maintenance that is unreasonable.

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