Reviews of A-1 Plumbing & Heating by satisfied customers

Milton Roman – Virginia Beach
After speaking to him I no longer felt overwhelmed with the situation and I agreed to have them send out a plumber in Virginia Beach to get me straight…(read more here)

Tommy P. – Virginia Beach
I called A-1 Sewer & Drain Plumbing & Heating in Virginia Beach when my water heater bursted and water was going everywhere and they responded quickly…(read more here)

Name Withheld Upon Request of Customer – Chesapeake
It’s hard to find a plumbing company that’s reliable, honest and has fast service…
(read more here)

Monroe Case – Newport News
I was very satisfied with the service from this plumbing company!..(read more here)

Sandy Avenengo – Williamsburg
During the working process the A-1 plumber and his tech laid drop clothes down, wore shoe coverings, and left my house like they were never there from the start..(read more here)

Jessica Taylor – Virginia Beach
Terry was an extremely professional and courteous plumber…(read more here)

Joshua Root – Norfolk
He was able to come in the same day that I called for an appointment to fix a leaky pipe on my tub…(read more here)

Diane Fogle – Suffolk
The technician was very good; cleared drainage problem on my washing machine, fixed a leaky water valve, and connected one of the new hoses to the washer machine…(read more here)

Nanci Head – Tabb
I called and made an appointment with A-1 Sewer & Drain Plumbing & Heating, but with the snow storm and everyone else having frozen pipes, I really didn’t think they would make it…(read more here)

Gary & Fran – Chesapeake
Your plumbing company and plumbers in Chesapeake are truly A-1 with us…(read more here)

M. Sentman – Portsmouth
It was late in the afternoon so I was worried that whichever plumbing company I called could not come until the next day…(read more here)

Daryl Waldrop – Hampton
He advised us upfront of the cost, the discount that he could provide and explained exactly what he needed to do to get our drain cleared…(read more here)

Robert Mitchell – Chesapeake
My water heater leaked all over my garage and I called A1 Sewer and Drain to come and replace it. Amazing water heater service!!! (read more here)

Elmer Doerr – Virginia Beach
I feel comfortable knowing that this plumbing company does background checks on the plumbers that I have do work at my daughter’s house…(read more here)

Russell Williams – Yorktown
I called A-1 Sewer and Drain Plumbing and Heating and they were at my home with a new water heater in less than 30 minutes…(read more here)

Patrick Kelly – Tabb
We had water falling from our ceiling due to a defective toilet at night…(read more here)

Carol Love – Williamsburg
Our plumber was on time, very professional and gave us courteous service…(read more here)

Marion Agnese – Norfolk
8 inches of snow and temperatures in the teens. Frozen main water pipe and no water…(read more here)

Dustin Gardner – Virginia Beach
A-1 Sewer and Drain Plumbing and Heating’s estimate was comparable with other plumbers and I decided to go with them based on all their positive reviews online…(read more here)

Jerald Hagadorn – Chesapeake
I called A-1 Sewer & Drain Plumbing & Heating in the middle of the night and their plumber in Chesapeake arrived within the hour as promised…(read more here)

Dave O’Connor – Norfolk
We will definitely use plumbing company again for water heater services as well as other plumbing services…(read more here)

Wendy Stiles – Portsmouth
Jason and JR solved a plumbing sewer drain line problem that three other local plumbing firms and plumbers in Portsmouth could neither diagnose nor had the equipment to repair…(read more here)

Roldan Fernando – Smithfield
This company understands the level of customer service needed to be successful and it’s evident that this culture is disseminated down to all the employees…(read more here)

Jackie Banks – Newport News
We had call another plumber in Newport News but they said we had to wait until 2PM, and that was too late…(read more here)

William & Shirley Lenart – Norfolk
Our plumber in Norfolk was on time (early, actually!), and provided professional and courteous plumbing service…(read more here)

Erin Vincent – Yorktown
Their plumber in Yorktown came and replaced the faulty pipe and valve VERY quickly!…(read more here)

Chase Baldwin – Hampton
In one instance our shower had literally collapsed and their plumbers came and fixed it within a few hours…(read more here)

Name Withheld Upon Request of Customer – Virginia Beach
A1 Sewer and Drain Plumbing and Heating came out to fix our toilet and they did a great job…(read more here)

Leilani Vasquez – Suffolk
Not only was the service prompt, but the plumbers were polite, helpful and fast…(read more here)

Dustin Sweitzer – Smithfield
Knowing my situation, the owner, Jimmy, instructed the plumber to fix the problem permanently free of charge!!! (read more here)

George S. – Chesapeake
He was the most professional and the most knowledgeable plumber we have ever met…(read more here)

Robin Fischer – Newport News
Their plumber was fast and their rates were great!!! (read more here)

Jordan Hagadorn – Williamsburg
I have never met a better plumbing company or staff!…(read more here)

Shawn Gary – James City County
He was able to locate the leak, repair it, and validate the reliability of his work within 45 minutes!…(read more here)

CJ Kimbrough – Virginia Beach
I was extremely pleased with the quick, professional response time — and the office personnel were very kind…(read more here)

Kevin Gordon – Smithfield
I have used their plumbers in Smithfield twice in the last five months and each time they have been very prompt, upfront and finished the job in a timely manner…(read more here)

L. Perdue – Hampton
A1 Sewer & Drain Plumbing & Heating scheduled the appointment when I needed it…(read more here)

Troy Dalrymple – Yorktown
I had a water pipe burst and A-1 Sewer and Drain Plumbing and Heating was quick to respond at a late hour and during a snow emergency when most plumbing companies were closed…(read more here)

Kristina H.  – Suffolk
I was really worried it would cost me a fortune, but the price was very fair and the response time…well, I am pretty certain no other plumbing company in Suffolk could have been there or done the job faster…(read more here)

Patrice Irving – Chesapeake, VA
I’m very impressed with how quickly and the degree to which the owner of A-1 Sewer & Drain Plumbing & Heating, Jim, seeks to meet the concerns of his customers and makes sure they are satisfied with the service…(read more here)

Elizabeth Kasulaitis – Norfolk, VA
What was a devastating experience for me was handled with sensitivity and compassion by your professional plumber…(read more here)

Jennifer Allison – Yorktown, VA
What was a devastating experience for me was handled with sensitivity and compassion by your professional plumber…(read more here)

Zack Rienerth – Virginia Beach
I had been hearing good things about the A-1 Sewer & Drain Plumbing & Heating from a number of friends, so I called them…(read more here)

Frank Yelenic – Newport News
When other Newport News plumbers I called failed to show up, even though they guaranteed they would, A-1 took care of me…(read more here)

Valerie Greene – Chesapeake
Bar none, by far A-1 Sewer & Drain Plumbing & Heating are the most professional plumbers in Chesapeake that I have ever had to deal with…(read more here)

Judy Furches – Chesapeake
The plumbing repair was done in less than 30 minutes in 8 inches of snow — when other plumbing companies in Chesapeake opted not to travel over treacherous roads…(read more here)

Gina Roth – Chesapeake
I called for an emergency plumbing issue this morning at 0745 hrs and spoke with Carol on the phone – super customer friendly and helpful…(read more here)

Rachel Elizabeth – Norfolk
Great local plumbing company that I would recommend to anyone looking for help…(read more here)

Nessa Boo – Norfolk
Their plumbers in Norfolk kept an open line of communication with me, scheduled an appointment, were there on time, and got the water heater job done fast…(read more here)

Bruce Ibe – Newport News
My one son now wants to be a plumber…(read more here)

Millicent Nash – Newport News
We had a plumbing emergency last night about 8:45 pm, called A-1 Sewer & Drain to explain the problem, and their plumber in Newport News called us back within 5 minutes or so…(read more here)

Jay Christopher de Guzman – Suffolk
Your plumber in Suffolk came out and was very professional and courteous…(read more here)

Mel Yu – Suffolk
Their plumbers in Suffolk acted fast on our Saturday call to replace our water heater the same day and was responsible for us passing the city inspection…(read more here)

Jessica Taylor – Yorktown
He explained the worst case scenario and any possible outcome, so there wasn’t any surprise hidden cost…(read more here)

Micheal Brown – Yorktown
I had two leaky toilets and a huge water bill!…(read more here)

Joe Gonzales – Virginia Beach
I called for service and within a few hours (as was requested) A-1’s plumbers in Virginia Beach arrived…(read more here)

Charlene Dixon – Virginia Beach
When it comes to local plumbing companies, these professionals seemed extremely competent…(read more here)

Jihan Minson – Virginia Beach
A-1 Sewer & Drain Plumbing & Heating’s plumbers in Virginia Beach did a fabulous job with our water heater replacement…(read more here)

Daniel Curran – Virginia Beach
A-1 assisted me with contacting the Virginia Beach 24/7 trouble call line describing the problem and determining the damage was on the city’s side of the line — saving me big bucks…(read more here)

Lenette Sanders – Norfolk
We called A-1 Sewer & Drain Plumbing & Heating because we like these Norfolk plumbers…(read more here)

Kimberly Smith – Norfolk
I have been using A-1 Sewer and Drain Plumbing and Heating for many years…(read more here)

Morris Spaulding – Norfolk
I am very satisfied with the work done at my home by this Norfolk plumbing company and I will definitely call A-1 again…(read more here)

F. Epps – Norfolk
I picked A-1 Sewer & Drain Plumbing & Heating because of all the excellent Google reviews…(read more here)

Barbara Ellis – Chesapeake
He was prompt and very professional. It didn’t take him very long to review the problem and then fix it…(read more here)

Melissa Green – Chesapeake
Not only were they $5K less than another top local plumbing company, but I don’t think any other plumbers would have been as professional and thorough…(read more here)

Lindsey White – Chesapeake
This is our first home and we really appreciate the honesty and clarity from A-1’s plumber in Chesapeake. Thank you a thousand times over…(read more here)

Marilynn Patillo – Chesapeake
This was a very urgent matter so I called A1 Sewer and Drain Plumbing and Heating who advertised having 24hr emergency service…(read more here)

William Perry – Chesapeake
This was a very complicated plumbing repair that I believe any other plumbing company would have had to tear apart the walls – but Joe and John worked hard to find the least intrusive way to fix a huge problem with very little structural impact on our home…(read more here)

Brian Adams – Chesapeake
I had hired another plumber in Chesapeake when we detected a gas leak and after 8 days, the job was still not complete…(read more here)

Kathy Korba – Chesapeake
We had a huge plumbing / water leak, and the poor guy had to crawl under the house and lie in a puddle of mud to fix it…(read more here)

Charles Plummer – Newport News
Needed to make an emergency appointment for a severe water heater leak in our attic…(read more here)

Geri Holden – Newport News
I called A-1 Sewer & Drain Plumbing & Heating on a Friday evening and within 10 minutes, I received a call from one of their plumbers in Newport News…(read more here)

Edmundo Fuster – Newport News
Most plumbers and/or electricians that I have dealt with, try to gouge every cent they can out of you. I will not hesitate to use their plumber in Newport News again or recommend them to anyone…(read more here)

Timothy Protzman – Newport News
I have had a problem in my ceiling for like nearly 2 months now.  I had two other local plumbing companies over to fix the issue, but neither diagnosed it properly…(read more here)

David Pickwick – Newport News
Great response time, excellent service, professional and knowledgeable…(read more here)

H. Cockrell – Newport News
Great response time, excellent service, professional and knowledgeable…(read more here)

Joseph Hughes – Newport News
Great response time, excellent service, professional and knowledgeable…(read more here)

Ricky Shilo – Virginia Beach
The company sent a seasoned professional to our church to assess the job….(read more here)

Nathan Kona – Virginia Beach
I have total confidence in their work and would recommend this plumbing company to anyone…(read more here)

S. Baroody – Virginia Beach
Truly professional service from beginning to end with this plumbing company…(read more here)

J. Goodes – Virginia Beach
After several calls to other plumbing companies in Virginia Beach, A-1 Sewer & Drain Plumbing & Heating was able to quickly respond and fix the issue…(read more here)

Robin Gray – Virginia Beach
Woke up this morning to hot water pouring from a smoke detector and AC vent downstairs in my living room…(read more here)

Cathy S. – Virginia Beach
I will ALWAYS use A1 Sewer and Drain!…(read more here)

Linda H. – Norfolk
By the way, I got an estimate from another local plumbing company in Norfolk for more than TWICE the amount that A-1 charged…(read more here)

Everett Henke – Norfolk
We had two licensed plumbers in Norfolk attempt to clear a bathtub drain and a drain in the kitchen wet bar, without success…(read more here)

Jim Darracott – Virginia Beach
Not only were the people there great, their pricing was better than any of the other plumbing companies we contacted — by half…(read more here)

Louie R. – Virginia Beach
I had worked a late night and had no idea if I would be able to get a plumber in Virginia Beach such a late hour…(read more here)

Linda Rosado – Virginia Beach
I called around to other plumbing companies in Virginia Beach and no one could beat the price I paid…(read more here)

Name Withheld Upon Request – Norfolk
All of A-1’s work is very good for a good price I love…(read more here)

Adele Malis – Chesapeake
There is only 1 business card in my home now for plumbing issues… and it is A-1…(read more here)

Miranda Goodman – Chesapeake
He worked fast and everything worked great when he was finished…(read more here)

Mike Zoladkiewicz – Chesapeake
I had called several other plumbing companies in Chesapeake to help me with my issue and got nothing but a run around…(read more here)

Nanci von Jacobi – Norfolk
I was dealing with another plumbing company for a clogged kitchen sink for over a week with no resolution…(read more here)

Todd Fortunato – Norfolk
This is our third or fourth time using A-1 and we will continue to use them in the future…(read more here)

Tara Houser – Norfolk
I will recommend this local plumbing company in Norfolk to all my friends and family…(read more here)

Jeff Forry – Virginia Beach
The plumber was very courteous, went thru the 4 need areas in a timely manner, and all the work was completed in under 2 hours…(read more here)

Wayne Mathis – Virginia Beach
I had plumbing work done by another plumbing company in Virginia Beach and 10 minutes after they left my home 3 new leaks had developed…(read more here)

Lionell Gwen Cornick – Chesapeake
I believe this was our third time getting services through your plumbing company, and we’ve had nothing but GREAT experiences…(read more here)

Patricia Brown – Chesapeake
Learned my lesson the hard way by calling other plumbing companies in Chesapeake…(read more here)

Mark Altobello – Norfolk
Had A-1 Sewer & Drain out to fix a failed water heater…(read more here)

Sharon Blow – Norfolk
Their plumbers in Norfolk installed it as if it had been there all along…(read more here)

Laura Prokop – Norfolk
We’ll definitely be calling these plumbers in Norfolk again if we have another plumbing problem…(read more here)

Nicole Webster – Norfolk
Had a sewage backup on Sunday afternoon and the A-1 plumbers in Norfolk were out within 45 minutes…(read more here)

Tracy Wright – Newport News
I have used A-1 Sewer & Drain Plumbing & Heating for years, and have always had excellent service, both scheduled and emergency…(read more here)

M. Kimbrel – Newport News
When I find a company that does good, honest work for a reasonable cost, I stick with them.  A-1 Sewer & Drain is the plumbing company I’ll call for my needs in the future…
(read more here)

Derek Lutz – Newport News
When our main line backed up the toilet water into the showers, I thought I was going to have to wait hours and pay through the nose to get it fixed…(read more here)

Robert Corbell – Hampton
He also helped us with a leaky kitchen faucet and a leaky bathroom sink faucet, and for the first time in years (yes, years) our upstairs bathroom faucets were fixed so that the water pressure was good for both hot and cold…(read more here)

Margaret Sassorossi – Hampton
He was very conscious of my time and completed a huge plumbing job in around 2 hours…(read more here)

Mark Perry – Virginia Beach
This is the second time I have used A-1 Sewer & Drain Plumbing & Heating and both times the service was outstanding…(read more here)

Barbara Horner – Virginia Beach
This plumbing company has been a lifesaver for me and I am a lifetime customer!!!!!…(read more here)

Parke Martin – Norfolk, VA
He fixed the problem in less than 30 minutes and answered a couple of questions about other plumbing issues…(read more here)

Steve & Stacie Rose – Norfolk, VA
Awesome service!  Their plumber in Norfolk arrived within 45 minutes of my call…(read more here)

Gene Cole – Chesapeake, VA
A-1 Sewer and Drain quickly and easily ‘fixed’ a sewer line problem for us after another popular Chesapeake plumbing company decided they ‘couldn’t’ do it…(read more here)

Ken Spencer – Chesapeake, VA
He fixed the problem within one hour and cleaned up after his work…(read more here)

Joyce Dent – Virginia Beach
Their plumber in Virginia Beach was right on time, very friendly and knew his job well…(read more here)

Robert M.  – Newport News
It is special these days to find a plumbing company that cares about the customer and the quality of the work that they perform…(read more here)

Sally & Dan Scharver – Newport News
Their plumber in Newport News was here quickly and fixed the problem in no time….(read more here)


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Our commercial and residential plumbing company is expert at drain cleaning, plumbing repairs, water heaters, sewer line replacement, water line replacements, water heater installation, tankless water heaters, leak detection, slab leaks, sewer and drain cleaning, water jetting, backflow meter, backflow prevention, clogged drain, dishwasher installation, drain repair, emergency plumbing repair, faucet and fixture installation, garbage disposals, gas leaks, jewelry retrieval, kitchen fixture installation, leaky faucet repairs, line locating, pipe cleaning, pipe repair, plumbing inspections, professional drain cleaning, root removal, sewer lines, sink problems, shower problems, tank water heaters, toilet installation, toilet repair, water heater repair, and water leak detection.

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We serve home owners and businesses in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg, Yorktown, Suffolk, Portsmouth, Tabb, Grafton, Smithfield, James City County, and throughout Hampton Roads.

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