The Benefits of Safely Insulating and Waterproofing Your Pipes

Insulating your hot water pipes can have a huge impact on your home for relatively little outlay in terms of cost and time. A professional can safely insulate exposed pipes in your home in less than a day, and you will find the results to be quite surprising. As well as the obvious heat loss prevention, you could also save money and prevent avoidable damage.

The Benefits of Pipe Insulation

If you are concerned about exposed pipes anywhere on your property, some plain and simple foam insulation can make all the difference. There are many different benefits that come with insulation, and while some will be personal to your situation, these are the most obvious in a general sense.

Less Chance of Freezing Pipes 

Frozen pipes are unfortunately common across Virginia Beach, VA, especially in homes that have little or no insulation. Exposed pipes in a garage, basement, or crawl space, are more likely to feel the effects of the Virginia fluctuated temperatures during the winter, and a harsh cold snap could do a lot of damage.

The best-case scenario for homeowners in Isle of Wight, Portsmouth, James City, and others throughout Virginia would be an ice clog that will affect your water pressure. In the worst case, however, a whole section of pipe could freeze solid, causing the pipe to burst. This would, of course, result in a plumbing flood, a considerable repair bill, and a lot of stress. Investing in even basic insulation makes this far less likely.

Heat Retention 

Insulating your water pipes will slow or prevent heat loss. In fact, if you insulate exposed pipes, you could find that your water temperature rises by two to four degrees. This will allow you to lower your temperature setting and still get the same results. This can also increase your water heater’s lifespan by lightening its average workload.

Lower Energy Bills

Saving energy by lowering your water heater temperature settings has another benefit. As well as easing the strain on your water heater, it will ease the strain on your wallet. An effective water heater uses less energy. This means you can expect to see your utility bills falling pretty much immediately after you insulate your pipes.

Minimize Condensation 

Because your pipes carry hot water, condensation can form on them very quickly. This will not only add to the humidity in your home but can be damaging to the pipes themselves. When water sits on the pipes, it can cause corrosion. If left to percolate, this will eventually cause the pipes to leak, which can be dangerous to you as well as your home when you consider the temperatures. Replacing corroded pipes can be expensive, but insulation is relatively cheap and very effective.

Injury Prevention  

Exposed water pipes are dangerous, especially when they are in a room you might use, like your garage. Because they transport heated water, these pipes can become extremely hot and can cause serious burns, especially in older homes. Installing insulation is a simple and effective way to prevent burns and scalds.

Pipe insulation can be undertaken as an isolated task or alongside general waterproofing. The extent of the benefits that you gain from this process does depend on how far you take the process and the quality of the products you use. Nonetheless, even basic insulation will make a difference to your home.

What to Do Before Insulating and Waterproofing

Whether you want to hire a certified technician to replace old or corroded pipes, or you intend to simply insulate your pipes, it is a good idea to book an inspection before you start. A professional inspection with a certified technician will help identify areas of concern before you cover them up. An inspection of your water heater and pipes, in particular, should be high on your list before you start insulation.

A1 Sewer & Drain serves area homeowners who are concerned about their property and want to ensure that they anticipate all possible issues. They can take the time to determine the size of your pipes and the type of insulation you want. One of our technicians can help you get everything you need to make the right choice for your home, so don’t be afraid to ask questions.

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